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Webinar Series - Appliance Energy Efficiency Regulations

Title: Energy Efficiency Strategies for Electrical Systems

Date: April 30, 2024

Abstract: Whether electrical systems have to meet various energy efficiency regulations or want to use energy efficiency as a key differentiator from competitive systems, many people have a role to play. System architects, designers, engineers, project managers, software specialists, marketers, and suppliers to name a few. Improving energy efficiency benefits users, customers, corporate financials, and our planet.

The PSMA Energy Management Committee noticed that there were a lot of strategies and approaches for energy efficiency in buildings, residences, businesses, etc. However, there was very little advice for those who wanted to create more energy efficient electrical systems.

Consequently, the PSMA Energy Management Committee put together this webinar to provide strategy, practical approaches, & tips to improve energy efficiency in electrical systems. The hope is to provoke thoughts, dialogue, and actions towards better energy efficiency.

Presenter: Ada Cheng, AdaClock

Ada is a Market Analyst & Consultant at AdaClock since 2008. She worked in several analyst & engineering roles at various companies prior to founding AdaClock She has been involved with the PSMA since 2002 including as a PSMA Director since 2019. She is an active member of the Marketing, Energy Management, Energy Storage, Reliability, and Industry-Education Committees.

Ada was an invited member of the APEC conference committee 2003-2015

She graduated with a BSEE at Carnegie Mellon & MBA at Arizona State University.

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Title: Appliance Energy Efficiency Regulations Roadmap, 2020-2030 

Date: May 2, 2023

Abstract: Appliances play an important role in our homes, improving our comfort through air conditioning or assisting us with chores like washing clothes, cleaning dishes, or preparing food. Often consuming power constantly as ‘Power Vampires,’ these devices are closely watched by regulators who regularly mandate more stringency in energy efficiency standards and product labelling. Meanwhile, better communications, enhanced data security/privacy protocols, lower audible noise, and increase reliability continue to drive innovation. This presentation provides some background on the major home appliance market, and how with innovative technologies, appliance makers are working towards improving efficiency. Examples include induction technology, inverter-based technology, variable speed drives, brushless DC (BLDC) motors, and other smart, connected technologies. This presentation also highlights approaches by regulators and appliance makers to promote energy efficiency in major home appliances through programs such as Energy Star, the Energy Efficiency report, the COP26 Call to Action, etc.

Presenter: Dinesh Kithany, Wired & Wireless Technologies (WAWT)
Dinesh Kithany, a well-established industry expert, is now the Founder and Chief Analyst at Wired & Wireless Technologies (WAWT), a strategic technology analyst and consultancy firm, specializing in wireless power and power supplies industry. Prior to founding WAWT, Dinesh was a lead industry analyst with Informa/IHS Markit working across technology sectors. He is one of the most sought-after analysts in the industry today in the related field. Dinesh has 27+ years of experience, of which past 12 years have been in technology sectors. It’s safe to say, he is passionate about research and delivering insights. Dinesh has helped businesses grow at an extraordinary pace with his expertise and strategic advice. He is widely recognized as a key industry thought-leader. He is a regular invitee and speaker at key industry conferences, trade shows and events worldwide, including CES, IFA, CABA, ITRI, PCIM, Electronica, APEC and at industry conferences held by Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), NFC Forum, Wireless Communications Alliance (WCA) and AirFuel Alliance (AFA).


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Title: Global Standards for External Power Supplies and Battery Chargers 

Abstract: The aim of this webinar is to review the existing mandatory and voluntary standards landscape in the USA and the EU for External Power Supplies and Battery chargers. EPS definition, EPS categories and Efficiency performance regulated by the current standards: DOE LEVEL VI, the Regulation (EU) 2019/1782 and the voluntary EU Code of Conduct will be presented. Currently there is a high degree of convergence of European and American regulations for EPS however, is it likely the harmonization might end in the years to come? Additionally, the European Common Charger initiative will be presented as well as what is beyond the USA and EU standards.

Presenter: Carlos Toyos Bada, Cambridge GaN Devices
Carlos Toyos Bada joined Cambridge GaN Devices in Januray 2022 as Senior Applications Engineer. With more than 15 years of experience in particulary in power supply design but in firmware development and cost analysis ,  Carlos has held several positions at different companies, including SanDisk, TDK-Lambda and GE. Carlos received both his B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering and M.S. degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Oviedo and he is the author of two patents related to SMPS.



Title: Global Policy Framework 

Abstract: This is the first webinar in the series on Appliance Energy Efficiency Regulations. Energy supply, security, and affordability continue to pop to the forefront of global concerns. Faced also with the need to reduce carbon emissions, policymakers continue to drive regulatory frameworks to promote higher energy efficiency and increased sustainability. This webinar series will start by providing the context and background for energy efficiency regulations all over the world. Through a number of deep-dive topics to follow, the series will then focus in particular on energy efficiency regulations for appliances and equipment as a means to reach the needed reduction in energy consumption to meet emissions targets and achieve carbon neutrality. Can we get there by 2050? 2060? Register for the webinars and join us for the conversation! Presenter:  David Chen, Power Integrations
Mr. David Chen joined Power Integrations in 2015 as Director of Applications Engineering.  With 28 years of experience in power system design and applications, David has held senior management positions at both publicly traded and privately held companies, including Volterra (acquired by Maxim), Akros Silicon, and Jade Sky Technologies, an LED driver start-up which he co-founded.  David received both his B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering and M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and is the author of two patents. David currently chairs the Energy Management Committee for the Power Sources Manufacturers Association.