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Provide PSMA Member Companies a resource to identify Educational and University Institutions, world wide, which have ongoing and active programs in power electronics. This will provide the Member Companies a source for attracting potential new employees and opportunity for possible partnering on Research and Development projects.

Provide the Educational and University Institutions an opportunity to promote their programs in power electronics to interested companies outside their immediate areas. This exposure could result in generating additional support for the institution from the power sources industry for ongoing and new programs. In addition the exposure will provide the students and graduates with additional options as they transition from the educational to the business community.

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Arizona State University, Tempe

Program description:

Current Research Areas:

Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS): Research on upgrading series compensation schemes using PWM techniques; Control interaction among different FACTS devices Multi-terminal Light High voltage dc system simulation Dc-dc Converters: Novel soft-switching hybrid topologies to achieve high power-density and high efficiency. New packaging techniques and magnetics. Research into modular power supplies that can be connected in series at the input with active voltage sharing. Powerfactor correction circuits (PFC): Single-stage solutions for three phase and single phase applications   Automotive Power Electronics: Optimized topologies with bi-directional power flow capability for the new 42 V architecture   Power Quality: Research on power acceptability curves (like CBEMA) and power quality indices for different types of loads and for three phase applications. High frequency PWM based power conditioning topologies   Distributed Generation: Research into new topologies for interfacing renewable sources like PV and fuel cell with utility grid


Power Electronics Education: Some of the Power Electronics related courses offered at ASU are as follows.

Advanced Power Electronics Electric power quality Electrical Machines Power semiconductors and their applications in power electronics Energy conversion and transport MEMS and integrated microsystems


Senior Design Projects: Each semester three to four groups of four undergraduate students each complete industrially relevant Senior Design Projects in the area of Power Electronics.

Contact e-mail:
Contact name: Dr. Raja Ayyanar
Department website: ASU Online's BSE in Electrical Engineering
Department: Dept. of Electrical Engineering

Dr. George Karady Dr. Raja Ayyanar Dr. Gerald Heydt Dr. Khaled Nigim (Visiting Professor)

General contact info:

Dept. of Electrical Engineering Arizona State University Tempe, AZ 85287-5706 Tel: 480-727-7307

Student body description:

Each semester three to four groups of four undergraduate students each.

University website: