Power Magnetics @ High Frequency 2023 Workshop Presentations

Power Magnetics @ High Frequency 2023 Workshop Presentations

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Power Magnetics Design - Milliwatts to Kilowatts 

Keynote: The Broad Spectrum of Technical Requirements for Power Magnetics Across Power Levels and Applications (Mike Ranjram, Arizona State University)

Resonant Magnetics for Capacitive Wireless Power Transfer (Khurram Afridi, Cornell University)

Panel Discussion (Ranjram, Afridi)

Design of Planar transformer and Inductor for 7 kilo-Watt Application (Harold Eicher, Champs Technology)

Wireless Power Transfer - Useable in Robots? (Cem Som, Wurth Elektronik)

Low-profile Integrated Magnetics for Low-power Applications (Ranajit Sai, Tyndall)

Panel Discussion (Afridi, Eicher, Ranjram, Som, Sai)


Addressing Specific Requirements for Power Magnetics Design

Keynote: Custom Magnetics - Stories of Conflict, Tradeoff and Creation (Victor Quinn, Exxelia)

Addressing Temperature Ratings and Safety Agency Regulations In Magnetics Design (Doug Eaton, Triad Magnetics)

Resins in Power Magnetic Design – Potting and Encapsulation - Matching Chemistry to Performance (Darryl Lallande, Elantas)

A Novel Insulation Method and Practical Considerations for MV/MF Transformer Designs in SST Applications (Mahmoud Mansour, Utah State University)

Panel Discussion (Eaton, Lallande, Mansour. Quinn)

Closing Remarks: Best of the Best (George Slama, Wurth Elektronik)


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Technical Session - Effects of Core Geometries on Magnetic Characteristics

Technology Demonstrations Session

Technical Session - Design for Manufacturability, Reliability and Safety