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Agency (an Agency can be National, International, or a Non-Government Organization or NGO):
International Electrotechnical Commission
IEC 60065:2014 - Start year: 2014
Location: Global - Global


Audio, video and similar electronic apparatus - Safety requirements

IEC 60065:2014 applies to electronic apparatus designed to be fed from the mains, from a supply apparatus, from batteries or from remote power feeding and intended for reception, generation, recording or reproduction of audio, video and associated signals. It also applies to apparatus designed to be used exclusively in combination with the above-mentioned apparatus. This standard primarily concerns apparatus intended for household and similar general use but which may also be used in places of public assembly such as schools, theatres, places of worship and the workplace professional apparatus intended for use as described above is also covered unless falling specifically within the scope of other standards. This standard:

- concerns only safety aspects of the above apparatus;

The American and European bodies have harmonized the date from which the 60950-1 and 60065 standards will cease and 62368-1 will take over. Following a recent update to the EU’s Official Journal (OJ) of legislation, and subsequent announcement by UL in the USA, the new date is December 20, 2020.


It does not concern other matters, such as style or performance. This standard applies to the above-mentioned apparatus, if designed to be connected to the telecommunication network or similar network, for example by means of an integrated modem. This eighth edition cancels and replaces the seventh edition published in 2001 including its Amendment 1 (2005) and Amendment 2 (2010). It constitutes a technical revision. The principal changes in this edition as compared with the seventh edition are as follows:
- new requirements for wall and ceiling mounting means;
- new requirements for coin/button cell batteries;
- all notes have been reviewed to comply with the new directives;
- addition of requirements for LEDs;
- requirements for creepage distances are aligned with IEC 60950-1 and a change in optocoupler requirements. This standard has the status of a group safety publication in accordance with IEC Guide 104. Key words: Audio/Video, Reception, Generation, Recording, Safety The contents of the corrigendum of December 2015 have been included in this copy.

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Agency (an Agency can be National, International, or a Non-Government Organization or NGO):
Underwriters Laboratories
UL 840:2005 - Start year: 2005
Location: Global - Global


Insulation Coordination Including Clearances and Creepage Distances for Electrical Equipment


1.1 These requirements cover an alternate approach to specifying through air and over surface spacings for electrical equipment through the use of the principles of insulation coordination.

1.2 The complete principles of insulation coordination involve the consideration of the combination of clearances, creepage distances, and the properties of solid insulation used to constitute the insulation system. The empirical data gathered thus far has been used to develop the requirements for clearances and creepage distances as presented in this standard. The data needed to develop the evaluation procedure for solid insulation is still being gathered. When available, this evaluation procedure will be added to this standard and is not expected to affect the requirements for clearances and creepage distances.

1.3 These requirements may be used as an alternate to required spacing levels specified in end-product standards. The end product standard spacing requirements may be based on use and systems where overvoltages are not controlled, or if controlled, the level of control is unknown.

1.4 These alternate requirements are intended to be applied to a particular product category if the standard covering the product category specifically references UL 840 or any of the requirements therein.

1.5 Users of these requirements may need to specify the overvoltage levels and the methods of control which will be utilized, and establish the pollution degree to which the product insulation system will be expected to be subjected.

1.6 It is not intended that the test values in this standard be employed for production line testing. However, users of these requirements will need to establish a means to ensure that production controls applied to permit the spacing reduction remain in effect during the manufacture of the product. This could include sample testing or physical measurements or another equivalent means.

1.7 Users of these requirements will additionally need to ensure that influencing factors not addressed in this standard, such as mechanical movement, field placement of conductive material, and product damage, will not affect the system for insulation coordination. Examples are the deformation of the enclosure, movement of the fittings for conduit or armored cable, or the improper installation of field wiring. Clearances and creepage distances at those locations must be verified for compliance by physical measurement in accordance with Section 10, Measurement of Clearance and Creepage Distances.

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