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How2Power Today’s Spotlight on Safety & Compliance

How2Power Today’s Spotlight on Safety & Compliance

Articles on Safety & Compliance relevant to both designers and users of power supply products. These articles discuss compliance requirements related to safety, electromagnetic compliance (EMC), energy efficiency, and other areas affecting power supply approvals regionally and globally for diverse applications and markets. The articles discuss compliance issues from the design stage through pre-compliance and final compliance testing. Some articles are deeply technical, others relate case studies involving power supply customers. These article were previously published in the Spotlight on Safety & Compliance column of the How2Power Today newsletter, which is sponsored by Power Integrations. These articles were authored by Kevin Parmenter, Chair, and James Spangler, Co-chair, PSMA Safety and Compliance Committee. 

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  • Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) The Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) is a consortium of engineers from semiconductor and passive device suppliers, Tier One manufacturers to automotive OEMs and companies in associated support industries that develop standards for qualification of these devices.  This link displays all the current members of AEC along with links to our various released standards that can be downloaded at no cost.