Advanced Energy

Advanced Energy is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of highly engineered, precision power conversion, measurement and control solutions for mission-critical applications and processes. AE’s power solutions enable customer innovation in complex applications for a wide range of industries including semiconductor equipment, industrial, manufacturing, telecommunications, data center computing and medical. Advanced Energy has devoted four decades to perfecting power for its global customers. For more information, visit  

1595 Wynkoop Street, Suite 800
Denver, CO 80202
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Power Supplies: dc-ac-converters, dc-dc-converters
Market Segments: aerospace, industrial, medical, oems, semiconductor, telecommunications
Allegro MicroSystems, LLC

Allegro MicroSystems, LLC is a leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing high-performance semiconductors. Allegro's innovative solutions serve high-growth applications within the automotive market, with additional focus on office automation, industrial, and consumer/communications solutions. Allegro is headquartered in Worcester, Massachusetts (USA) with design, applications, and sales support centers located worldwide.

Allegro develops integrated circuit solutions focused on motor control, regulation, and magnetic field sensing applications. We provide highly integrated mixed-signal ICs, adding more components and greater functionality.


955 Perimeter Road
Manchester, NH 03103
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Components: semiconductors
Market Segments: automotive-electronics, datacommunications, industrial, telecommunications
Bear Power Supplies

BEAR Power Supplies designs and makes rugged power supplies for commercial, industrial, and medical systems. Its standard product line features AC-DC power converters with active inrush current limiting, fusing, and EMI filtering in compact, encapsulated modules for PCB or chassis mounting. Its custom power supplies include both AC-DC and DC-DC converters with emphasis on small size and high reliability for harsh environments. All BEAR products feature long life and reliable operation from -40°C to +70°C. Competitively priced, ROHS compliant and TUV certified, BEAR power supplies are made in the USA for high quality, fast delivery, predictable lead times, and easy customization.

1916 Route 96
Phelps, NY 14532
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Power Supplies: ac-dc-rectifiers, dc-dc-converters
Service Related: consulting-services, contract-manufacturing
Market Segments: custom-power-supplies, industrial, instrumentation, medical, oems, telecommunications
Cornell Dubilier, LLC a division of Knowles Corporation

Cornell Dubilier was recently acquired by Knowles Corporation (NYSE: KN), a leading global supplier of high-performance components and solutions including capacitors and radio frequency (“RF”) filters, advanced MedTech microphones, balanced armature speakers, and audio solutions. Cornell Dubilier is dedicated to delivering products that advance capacitor technology for industrial applications. Cornell Dubilier component solutions can be found in a variety of challenging applications, including renewable energy, electric vehicles, power supplies, motor drives, inverters, aerospace, telecom, medical equipment, and UPS systems.

1661 East Rodney French Blvd.
New Bedford, MA 02744
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Fax: 508-9996-3830
Components: capacitors
Market Segments: industrial

Today’s communications and networking devices require power supplies that include digital control, low standby power and a high level of component integration for maximum efficiency. With Flex Sketch-to-Scale® solutions , you can optimize the performance of your power supply solutions for distributed power architectures by collaborating with Flex early in the design process to create products that meet time-critical or cost-sensitive needs. We can help you design, build and deliver cutting-edge power supply products that meet
your efficiency, density, and environmental requirements. Flex power supply solutions include Flex Power Modules, Chargers; Adapters, Desktop; Workstations, and Cloud Server; Storage Solutions.  

6201 America Center Drive
San Jose, CA 95002
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Power Supplies: dc-dc-converters
Service Related: sales, technical-services
Market Segments: datacommunications, industrial, telecommunications
RECOM Power GmbH

The RECOM group is a power supply manufacturer from Austria with over 40 years of experience in developing and manufacturing the latest converter technology in a power range from 0.25W to 960W.

Worldwide customers have access to the largest selection of DC/DC converters and AC/DC power supplies on the market plus a broad range of switching regulators and LED drivers, all of which comply with international safety standards and carry the latest certifications.

RECOM has offices in Europe, North America and Asia, enabling the sales and support team to quickly offer worldwide technical support.

The global network of distributors ensures fast delivery times, and worldwide product availability.


Muenzfeld 35
4810 Gmunden, Upper Austria
Power Supplies: dc-ac-converters, dc-dc-converters
Service Related: educational, laboratory-evaluation, sales, technical-services
Market Segments: catalog-power-supplies, custom-power-supplies, industrial, instrumentation, medical, telecommunications
Texas Instruments

TI offers complete power solutions with a full line of high performance products, ranging from standard linear regulators to highly efficient DC-DC converters and battery management. And, TI makes designing easier by providing free samples and leading-edge support tools such as training, a broad selection of evaluation modules (EVMs), application notes, models, comprehensive technical documentation and more. This is just the beginning of our story. Learn more at

12500 TI Boulevard
MS K1-20
Dallas, TX 75243
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Components: semiconductors
Market Segments: catalog-power-supplies, custom-power-supplies, datacommunications, electronic-data-processing, industrial, instrumentation, oems, service-power-industry, service-power-users, telecommunications