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2022 PSMA Vehicle Electrification Workshop

– The Latest Trends and Technologies –

PSMA's First Ever Transportation Workshop held Virtually in September 2022

If you missed the live sessions, you can still attend and benefit from this dynamic workshop

PSMA is offering YOU the opportunity to watch the workshop session recordings, including the presentations, Q&A and Roundtable discussions as well as download the presentation slides! All for only $99.00 for PSMA members and $199.00 for non-members.

On September 13 and 20, 2022, PSMA offered a virtual workshop with a star-studded agenda. There was over 10 hours of content with additional Q&A and roundtable discussion. The attendees were amazing with pointed questions, and discussion provoking ideas. This fully recorded event was extremely well run and presentations transferred smoothly allowing the attendees the best possible experience. 

Here is the agenda as it was presented:

Day 1

  • Opening Remarks 
  • Session I
    • Keynote: Evolution of the EV Market; Steve Kosowski, Kia Motors 
    • Electrochemical Energy Storage Overview; Matt Keyser, NREL
    • The Tortoise, the Hare, and the DCFC Arms Race: Rethinking how we approach EV charging; Pamposh Zutshi, WiTricity
    • Overview of Wireless EV Charging (WEVC) Market; Dinesh Kithany; Wired and Wireless Technologies (WAWT)
  • Session II 
    • Transformerless EV Charging; Matthias Preindl, Columbia University in the City of New York
    • The Supercapacitor – A Versatile Energy Storage Device in Automotive Applications; Rene Kalbitz, Wurth Elektronik
    • The Power Technology Roadmap's New High-Power Isolated DC/DC Converter Section; Mark Scott, Miami University
    • Survey of Power Modules and Transistors Used in xEV Powertrains; Alberto Adan, LTEC
  • Roundtable Discussion 

Day 2

  • Session I
    • Keynote: Overview of Current EV DC Fast Charging (DCFC) Projects Supported by the Department of Energy; Fernando Salcedo, U.S. Department of Energy
    • Artificial Intelligence Workflows for Battery State Estimation; Javier Gazzarri, Mathworks
    • National Lab Trends - Materials to help battery life, Recycling, Trends in testing, All chemistries; Ilias Belharouak, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    • High Voltage / High EMI /  What to do; Alex Latham, Allegro MicroSystems
    • Pioneer in DC fast Charging and Energy Management Solutions: Setting the standards to enable mass adoption of commercial fleets electrification; Joseph Gottlieb, Rhombus Energy Solutions
  • Session II 
    • Comparison of ISO DC/DC Converter, for Onboard Chargers; Mark Scott, Miami University
    • Opportunity Charging for Large Vehicles; Ryan Marinelli, Momentum Dynamic
  • Roundtable Discussion 

You will note that the subjects are a combination of high-level overviews, down to system level technologies. The materials from this workshop will give you a solid understanding of where this country is at with regard to Vehicle Electrification and the technologies surrounding charging, connectivity to the grid, battery chemistries, and recycling. It's not just about automobiles either, buses and off-road vehicles are also addressed.


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