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As the Automotive Industry shifts more and more toward electrification, the Automotive OEMs and Tier1s are finding that it is necessary to develop new products like Traction Inverters, Chargers, Battery Management Systems and DC/DC Converters. These higher power applications (by Automotive standards) require the industry to update their supply chain and find new suppliers to support these applications. As it turns out, this is the world of the Power Sources Manufactures Association (PSMA). PSMA has members that have flourished in the high power arena for years, and even decades. There is clearly a crossover occurring between the Automotive Electrification needs and the supplier base offered by the members of PSMA. In addition PSMA hosts, with the IEEE, the annual Applied Power Exhibition and Conference (APEC) which is attended by over 6000 people working in the field of power electronics. This is an ideal setting for promoting new technologies from a component and design standpoint.

To that end, the PSMA Transportation Committee hosts an annual Industry Session at every APEC to highlight and educate others on different facets of Automotive and Vehicular electrification. PSMA believes they have a great deal to offer the Automotive industry, they just need to know who we are. We have launched an active marketing effort to obtain just those results. Below is the data from our initial study, which confirmed that we have a long way to go to get everyone in Automotive Electrification to be aware of PSMA and what our membership can offer them. We would love to hear your ideas and suggestions for us to make the Vehicle Electrification community aware of what PSMA has to offer. Thank you for visiting our Webpage.