PSMA Power Supply Software/Firmware Reliability Improvement Report (2019)

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Power Electronics are transitioning from analog control to digital control. Power supply designers now need to create and embed software in power supply products.  Moving from power electronics with analog control to power electronics with digital control is a significant transition and this report presents key findings related to the challenges and solutions to reliability in the digital control of power electronics.Software reliability is the ability of software to repeatedly preform intended functionality for defined operating conditions over extended periods of time. While the focus here is on software reliability, hardware variations and evolution over time impacts software reliability and legacy software function. High quality software with high reliability requirements is typically implemented following a standards-based regulatory process. Software engineering best practices are being adopted for digital power electronics control for power supplies to ensure reliability does not suffer with the transition to digital control. Some of the best practices are relatively new, evolving and unfamiliar to the power electronics world. This report examines a wide array of problems and challenges in the field of digitally controlled power supplies then proceeds through observed and proposed improvements and best practices.

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